Tuesday, 13 August 2013

I just love this hobby

It's been a while since I posted a blog having been away on various trips and thought I'd share some images from my latest field trip to the wilds of Scotland.

Loch Achray home to D. rotundifolia and P. vulgaris
Loch Achtriochtan, Glen Coe

It's a hard life visiting the stunning locations where carnivorous plants grow. I thought I grew P. vulgaris well, but......

P. vulgaris, Loch Achtriochtan, Glen Coe
P. vulgaris, Loch Achtriochtan, Glen Coe

It was tough taking a detour to the hills behind Loch Tay. I had to suffer walking through this landscape searching for more P. vulgaris.

Loch Tay, Ben Lawers National Nature Reserve
Loch Tay, Ben Lawers National Nature Reserve
P. vulgaris, Loch Tay, Ben Lawers National Nature Reserve

On the way to Ben Nevis I just had to stop at one of several D. anglica sites. It had rained heavily the night and morning before, but the clouds broke kindly by the time I arrived. In places D. anglica just about kept its leaves above the water level, with others submerged.

D. anglica, Glen Coe
D. anglica, Glen Coe

D. rotundifolia, Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve
Raised bog, Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve
P. vulgaris, Samson's Stone, Bochastle

Sunday, 24 March 2013

2013 Nepenthes Tours

Stewart McPherson has organised three Nepenthes expeditions to take place in 2013. These trips offer intrepid adventures to trek through steaming rainforests to reach remote mountain summits to observe, photograph and experience spectacular Nepenthes plants in the wild. The expeditions are much more than carnivorous plant tours. Each trip is specifically designed so that along the way, you will encounter some of the most spectacular landscapes in South East Asia, as well ethical encounters with local communities to experience native cultures, and of course, a plethora of tropical wildlife. 
The expeditions will take place over June, July and December 2013. The exact dates can be finalised between participants to find the most mutually convenient dates.
The objectives of each trip include the following:

Philippines Expedition to explore the spectacular summit of Sibuyan (ascended by a knife edge ridge) to the habitat of N. argentii and N. sibuyanensis, and to Mount Hamiguitan (home to the spectacular N. peltata, N. micramphora and N. hamiguitanensis), a lowland trip to see N. merrilliana, N. truncata and N. bellii, and a climb up Sultan Peak, to see the largest of all Nepenthes of the Philippines; N. palawanensis.
Sulawesi Expedition to see the spectacular N. hamata, N. eymae, N. maxima, N. nigra, N. tentaculata, N. tomoriana, N. glabrata and (hopefully) N. pitopangii, as well as the amazing indigenous Torajan cultures.
New Guinea Expedition to see N treubiana and spectacular ancient petroglyphs by canoe, giant highland Papuan N. ampullaria and N. insignis, huge N. neoguineensis populations, and N. mirabilis. Possibly with an additional add on of visiting the famous Baliem Valley – home to fascinating Papuan tribes and cultures that have remained unchanged for thousands of years. 
If you are interested in joining one of these adventures and would like more information, including a pdf brochure, please email Stewart directly: stewart@mcpherson.net.
The expeditions are excellent value, and professionally organised with first class logistics, food and expert Nepenthes guides. The expeditions also raise funds to support the Ark of Life rare Nepenthes collection to further conservation of endangered Nepenthes species. So your participation will directly support the conservation of the plants and habitats you will experience.